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Punto Luce Illuminazione

The experience handed down to us of generation in generation, joined to the modern innovations, it has done one that the Punto Luce is present on the market with a vast range of articles, fit to satisfy the more refined tastes.

he production typically handicraft it is guarantee of a product that it better in the time; this there offers the possibility of create models on application of the consumer.

Our products are enjoyed in the Italian market and on the foreign terms of strength, care of details and finishes.

Our Style

For over thirty years, "Punto Luce Illuminazione" produces and distributes a unique style productions. Our creations classic lines with modern ones, are obtained through the expert craftsmanship of materials such as glass, crystal, metal, wood, to create chandeliers, lamps, floor lamps, hanging and ceiling and wall lamps that are the pride of our collections. The skilled hands of our craftsmen combine the material with skill, to achieve the highest quality products. Our creations are created to meet the needs of antique furniture for rooms, classic and modern, giving a unique touch of originality and elegance.

Our Productions

From the passion for design, and lighting products are born in our catalog. The sconces, chandeliers, lamps, floor lamps, the lights, suspension, ceiling lights are designed to meet the demands of a sophisticated clientele and diverse needs. Punto Luce Illuminazione combines the elegance of the forms, the transparency of glass and crystal to provide sophisticated solutions' lighting. Our catalog is constantly evolving to give customers the opportunity to choose items from the most innovative and always different. The additional 's proposed lighting stand for strength, elegance and attention to detail.

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